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Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning encompasses a series of powers introduced by the Localism Act 2011. Neighbourhood planning gives communities the opportunity to plan their local area by deciding how it should grow, where development should go and what it should look like.

Neighbourhood planning information

The borough of Guildford has four adopted neighbourhood plans. There are ten designated neighbourhood areas.


The Council designated the Albury Neighbourhood Area on 22 February 2017 following an application from Albury Parish Council and a six-week consultation.


The Burpham Neighbourhood Plan was adopted on 12 April 2016. It forms part of the development plan for our borough and helps decide planning applications.

East Horsley

The East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan was made (adopted) on 24 July 2018. It forms part of the Borough's Development Plan and helps in deciding the outcome of planning applications within the East Horsley Neighbourhood Area.


The Effingham Neighbourhood Plan was adopted on 10 April 2018. It forms part of the development plan for our borough and helps decide planning applications. Find out how we helped you have your say and how the decision was reached.


The Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan is currently subject to examination


Puttenham Parish Council submitted the Puttenham Neighbourhood Plan to the Council on 19 February 2020. The Council is consulting on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan from 12 noon 9 March to 12 noon 27 April 2020.

Seale and Sands

The Council designated the Seale and Sands Neighbourhood Area on 24 May 2016 following an application from Seale and Sands Parish Council and a four week consultation.

West Horsley

The West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan was adopted (made) by the Council on 4 December 2018. The Council designated the West Horsley Neighbourhood Area on 8 September 2014 following an application by West Horsley Parish Council and a six week consultation.

West Clandon

The Council designated the West Clandon Neighbourhood Area on 18 March 2019 following an application from West Clandon Parish Council.